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Officiating in Geelong 

As you would be aware, to put on an athletics meet, whether it be shield competition in Geelong or the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast, Technical Officials are required to ensure the meet is conducted successfully and follows the rules of the competition.

Whether it is the Competition Director overseeing the entire competition or the pit raker for the long jump or the recorder for the javelin, they all form part of a single team providing the athletes the best opportunity for them to compete at their best.


It is a great way to be "close to the action" and to be involved.  It can become a  family affair, such that the children might be competing and the parents officiating.


The Athletics Australia web site ( has an "e learning section level 1", which provides you with the theoretical knowledge to conduct an event.  So the next stage would be to put into practice that knowledge on the field of play, whether it be at the long jump, shot put or on the track.  So the best way would be to "have a go" at shield.


Before the start of the summer season in October, we conduct a practical officiating seminar, how to apply those theoretical skills learnt. 


If you think you might be able to contribute, there is a support and mentoring network to assist you.  If you want to be involved on the IT side of the meet, such as event entries and seedings, photo finish or EDM(electronic distance measuring), there are opportunities to learn these skills as well.


And if we all contribute, the mantra of "many hands make light work" cannot be overstated.


If you require any information contact us via email

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