Geelong Athletics Inc. recognises 2 classifications of Geelong Records:
Geelong Centre Record
Available to all first claim Geelong athletes/clubs in Geelong competition.

Geelong Residential Record
Available to all first claim Geelong athletes/clubs in recognised competition anywhere except Geelong.

Geelong Record Application Forms
These forms are available from the Geelong Records Officer, the Competition Office and from the Club secretaries. There are separate forms for track events, field events and multi event competitions.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to obtain a copy of the official results and complete a Geelong record application form for records outside of Geelong competition.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to complete a Geelong record application form and lodge that application with the Geelong Athletics Records Officer.

Completion of the Geelong Record Application Form
Each Geelong Record application form MUST be completed in full prior to lodging the record claim. “Completing in full” means the correct and complete recording of all required details, including official’s signatures pertaining to the record being applied for.

Lodgement of Geelong Record Application Form
Application forms for records must be lodged with the Geelong Records Officer either personally, or via mail to PO Box 1464 Geelong VIC 3220.

Claims for records should be lodged as soon as possible after the performance and no later than one month from the date of the performance (if not achieved outside of Australia).

Geelong Athletics Record Certificates
Appropriate record certificates will be issued upon the application being approved by the Board of Geelong Athletics.

Events and Competition where a Geelong Record can be Claimed
All Geelong records may only be claimed from events and athletics meetings sanctioned by the IAAF and/or its member associations, including, but not limited to Athletics Australia and Athletics Victoria.

Any track performance must have 3 separate hand held stopwatch times or a fully automated timing device used in order for that record performance to be claimed.

Any field event record performance must have a minimum of 2 appropriately qualified and registered officials at the event and an appropriately registered and qualified field referee in attendance at the meet to be claimed.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of an athlete/club official to advise the Chief Timekeeper/Photo Finish Judge of the meet, of any intention in regard to a possible record attempt.

Listed in this handbook are the Geelong Records, which are taken from official records. Every possible endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of all Geelong records at the time of publication.

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