AV Shield

Based at the historic Landy Field, Geelong is home to a number of historic clubs and high profile athletes who have shaped the Victorian athletic scene. Renowned for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, the Geelong Region conducts competition for all abilities and ages.

AV Shield is an inter-club competition focused on getting involved and having fun. It is a team based competition that offers a variety of Track and Field events and disciplines throughout the AV Shield competition season.

For the 2019/2020 season AV Shield will include twelve (12) rounds of competition plus an AV Shield Final.

AV Shield Geelong Programs


AV Shield Program for 2019-2020

*Please note for any Twilight Program add 3 hours to the timetables below*

AV Shield Rules and Regulations 

AV Summer Handbook 2019/20 (coming soon)

AV Shield Entry Guide 2019/20 (coming soon)

AV Shield Zone Schedule 2019/20 (coming soon)

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