Twilight Trot

In 1991, Dale Jennings and Alan Foot saw a need for Geelong Athletics to provide activity in the summer for those athletes in the Geelong community who ran cross country during the winter months.  Dale and Alan continued to co-ordinate these Trots for a number of years.

Since then for many years, Mary McDonald, along with her husband Geoff, have been the co-ordinators and managers of the Twilight Trot series of runs. Both Mary and Geoff have placed a greater emphasis on promoting the Twilight Trot an activity for all ages within the Geelong community and in particular for family groups, where children can participate in the shorter distance and the parents in the longer distance events.


People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate either by walking, jogging or running, and, if they wish, bring the family dog along as well. There are no limits, just those which participants place upon themselves and wish to better. After experiencing the Twilight Trot, participants are then encouraged to continue exercising during the winter in our cross country program.


A number of people have then developed where they then may wish to compete in track and field events with Geelong Athletics during the summer at John Landy Field.


Twilight Trot is conducted at Eastern Park commencing at the BBQ Pavilion most Monday nights at 6.15pm during summer daylight saving, extreme weather and public holidays permitting. One lap is provided each run for juniors under 13 years of age, walkers and others whilst at least two laps is available for other participants.  Distances are approx. 1.6k(one lap) to 6.6k(multiple laps). As a reward and incentive for participating, people are awarded “spot prizes” such that all participants will receive a “spot prize” throughout the season.


At the end of the season a BBQ is held and trophies awarded.


Geelong Athletics believes it has an obligation to Geelong and the region to provide athletic activities for the health and fitness of the community.  Accordingly, it promotes and provides the Twilight Trot series of runs in the summer and cross country running in the winter.  In order to carry out these activities, it needs to obtain sponsorship in either cash or kind to provide spot prizes and trophies.  Therefore, any assistance we receive to assist us in promoting these activities is gratefully appreciated by Geelong Athletics and in turn, the participants in our programs.

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